Exec & Committees

2018/19 Guild Executive and Committees

President: Dianne Lim
Vice President: Yvonne Stowell
Past President: Merrily Corder
Secretary: Kathy Gray
Treasurer: Pam Coxall
Equipment: Lynda Daniells, Doreen MacLauchlan
Financial Planning: Jeannie Pataky, Janice Talbot
Grants & Awards: will be dealt with by the vice president and the past president
Archives: Jeannie Pataky
Guild Historian: Mikyla Lironi
Library: Jana Eby
Membership and email: Peg Neilon
Newsletter and website: Joan Fletcher
Programs: Christine
Jury Committee: Marie-Claire DeClerck, Barby Paulus, Dorothy Thom, Joan Marshal
Greeter: Marilyn Wiebe
Workshops: Joan Fletcher, Verna Chan, Andrew Jackson
Facebook: Mikyla Lironi

Spinners, weavers, and fibre artists on BC's Sunshine Coast

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