Our sister organization, the Sunshine Coast Fibreshed, is devoted to promoting local fibres, local dyes, and local artisans. We support each other as fibre artists and as organizations, together working toward more sustainable textiles.

Several of our Guild members have websites or blogs of their own. Check these out for information and inspiration:

Heather Apple
Heather loves to play with colour and fibre. On her blog, we get to share in her delightful creations. Heather has also posted some lovely images of her work here.

Janna Maria Vallee

Catherine Nicholls

Ann Harmer
Ann is passionate to the point of obsession about mushrooms and their colour potential. Read about it on her blog.

Alexis Bach, FibreWorks Gallery
Hosted in a collection of yurts, FibreWorks showcases fibre art—basketry, paper, textiles and wood, created by local, national and international artists.